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Is Sunderer Deploy Shield on par with other Defense Slots ... Really the only shortcoming I see to the Deploy Shield is that it only works when deployed. However, that's not a major loss, because you aren't... Planetside 2 Sunderer Defense Slot - Defense Slot : None .. Hunting vehicles is very exciting, killing a 2/2 Vanguard with certs takes skill and ..LaughingDead Planetside 2 bruiser25 Jan 2013 .. Sunderer Certifications - PlanetSide 2: Sunderer Certifications Certification .. 2, Increases duration of shield to 10 seconds, 200, Utility slot.planetside 2 sunderer weak point Sunderer - PlanetSide 2 Wiki The Sunderer is an IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) ground vehicle, manufactured by Nanite Systems.This heavily armored 12-man vehicle is designed to punch through enemy defensive lines and deliver troops in the heat of battle. It also has a support role, providing medical and ammo supplies to troops in the field, serving as a repair station for vehicles, as well as serving as a mobile spawn ... Why are the Ammo Dispenser and Repair station certs for ...

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The Zeta Sunderer Guide – Zeta Unit | ZE7A Unit Sunderer Train/Ball: A sunderer train is when you get 2-infinite sunderers, the more you have the more destructive power/longevity you have. The idea of the train is your sunderer repairs the sunderers around you with prox repair while they repair you, so you must have a lot of DPS to crack one, the higher level prox repair goes into the center you the train can last longer.

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First Full Sunderer Build Weapon Help : Planetside - Reddit I'm going for my first sunderer build, been saving up some certs but need to ... weapons are going to be for defending the sunderer while travelling and then .... Otherwise rank 1 shield sundy is much better (1+1/2 health pool with the .... you can technically get away with just a Ranger for the back turret slot. The Sunderer (AKA The Best Vehicle In The Game) - 1st Terran Rangers May 10, 2015 ... It is protected by two guns mounted on the top of the vehicle that are ... On the Sunderer, you have 5 slots: Utility, Defense, Performance, ... Steam Community :: Guide :: What is your Sunderer, and what does it ... Mar 18, 2013 ... Instead, we will go over one of Planetside 2's most precious, important ... 1- Buy the S-AMS cert (50 certs, in the Utility Slot of your Sunderer). 2- ...

Forum discussion: Been looking forward to this day ever since they announced Planetside Next. I'm absolutely amazed I didn't get a beta key from all the days I played PS1. But SOE stated current ...

The Gate Shield Diffuser is an Utility Slot certification for the Common Pool Sunderer, Harasser and Flash. ... You can help PlanetSide 2 Wiki by expanding it.