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how are people getting so many patterns? - Animal Crossing: New Leaf ... MetalGearOnAcid posted... Well you can have up to 50 usable patterns because the other human players you make in your town get their own pattern slots. Putting paths/sidewalks in your town? - Animal Crossing: New Leaf ... I also used a simple slate pattern for the road so it only uses one custom design slot and it suits the rustic aesthetic of the village. 3DS Friend Code: 0903-3405-8902 Animal Crossing New Leaf: Voodrazi @ Mt. Doom Animal Crossing new leaf Slot Info ! ^-^ .•★•. - YouTube

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Secret Storage, with 360 Slots! In Animal Crossing New Leaf ...

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Welcome to PeachTea – Pixel &… If you’re new to New Leaf (ho ho) you should know in this iteration of Animal Crossing, when your player character first steps off the train, he or she isI really loved these tatami path tiles for their simplicity (only takes up four pattern slots) and versatility (don’t need to change tile colors for the... animal crossing new leaf pattern | Tumblr Sorry for the delay!! Here are some more requested patterns~. Thank you everyone for these lovely ideas, I’m having so much fun drawing theseHot off the hook, a bell bag from Animal Crossing. Here’s a quick run down of the pattern that I made for it: Star: In Magic Circle, Chain 2, then HDC 15. Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Pattern Possibilities | Prima… In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, designing your own fabulous patterns couldn’t be easier. Just call up the design menu at anytime, and an impressive array of tools and color options lets you create practically any pattern you can dream up. Once you’ve created a basic design, zoom in and use the...

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, not only can you customize your town, but you can also customize yourself! Clothing has always been a key feature in the series, but this time around there's even more fashion selections available.

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