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Cabal eu Slot Extender high x2 craft succesful :D Via Extenders, Archiridium Epaulet and Perfect Palladium drop. To prove that Cabal not only p2w The drops on Screenshots are also older drops so I didn't get ... CABAL Online (EU) - Mercury - 10x Slot Extender (Highest… For more CABAL Content like streams, drops and Cabal Exciting 1 year ago. CABAL ONLINE PH ~ Creating Master's Archridium Coat +20. by zLadyAnn COPH 2 months ago. Cabal Drop list : Cabal Online - Submissions

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Monster Drop List - Cabal Online PH Fansite - Jun 20, 2008 · For those who always wan to check the monster drop list, here is the monster drop list that quite complete (i think) for you to refer:-Personnal drop calculator (per items) NORMAL STUFF DROPS :-Newbie stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5 : Nipper lug, Garlie, Mantis, Rabbithorn, Giant beetle , … [GUIDE] Droplist (updating when needed) - MN Cabal Online Oct 25, 2016 · I'll be updating when needed. List is in Level order. TBD=To Be Determined Frozen Tower of Undead Epaulet of the Dead 2 DP Slot Extender High Slot Extender Medium Upgrade Core High Force Core High Upgrade Core Medium Force Core Medium ... Ic1 also dropes extender and it can drop some OP lyca. Ic2 also dropes mithrils. And not sure about ...

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Cabal Slot Extender High Cabal Online PH Drop Slot Extender Highest. Vor 8 Monate. Cabal Online Philippines Patch EP19 Blader Level : 200 OVL : 10 Guild : JuanDelaCruz Server : Orion Don`t Forget To LikeCabal Online - 22x Slot Extender High Craft. Vor 6 years. Cabal Online PH Drop Slot Extender Highest Part2 | Видео…

↑ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Drop information is obtained from official Episode 7 drop tables provided by ESTsoft Korea.

Xeno Cabal - Home | Facebook Hello Xeno Cabal Player.. We are having some mini event tonigh at 10.00 pm @ 2200 GMT+8 EVENT 1). Vending shop 2). Drop item 3). Hide n seek 4). Etc.. Here are list of the rewards.. -Voucher 500 x10 -Potion of alz 100m x20 -Potio of wexp each x10 -Slot extender high/ highest -Perfect core... CABAL Guide Blog: Cabal Drop Item list - Slot Extender Low - Slot Extender Medium - Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guard +7 - Redosmium Armor 0slot/1slot - Redosmium Weapons 0slot/1slot - Crafted Osmium Weapons - Illusion Coral / Infernal Ruby - Upgrade Core High (Only the archer and last chest will drop the good items) Wellcome to Ardian ZONE: CABAL MONSTER DROP (PerMAP)